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FULL Guide at… Learn How To Tame A Russian Dwarf Hamster In This Video. You Will Learn Simple, Easy & The Best Ways To Tame Dwarf Hamsters. Here are some tips and tricks to dwarf hamster taming: Tip 1… Always pick your hamster up when they are awake. This is because dwarf hamsters bite when frightened (when not tamed). Wait for them to wake up on their own for food. Tip 2… Always be gentle and quiet. You do not want to frighten your hamster and experience a dwarf hamster bite. Tip 3…If they are new you must let them get used to their new home. Leave them for 1-2 days before beginning to tame hamster. The first steps to dwarf hamster taming are patients, building trust and applying the steps in the how to tame Russian dwarf hamsters video. The best ways to tame dwarf hamsters are by using fruits, nuts or a tasty treat to lure them on to your hand. Remember you want to show know treat to them and allow them to get used to you and your scent. Once you have your hamster on your hand let them run, play and get used to you. You should do this for at least 5 minutes one or twice a day. Then gentle scoop them up and put back into their cage. This is the best way to tame your hamster. http://russiandwarfhamster.siterubix…. A tame dwarf hamster will not feel frightened around you and your friends nor will it bite unless scared. Russian dwarf hamsters love to be handled once tamed and will happily climb onto your hand when entered in to their cage. Russian dwarf hamster taming takes time and patients and shouldn’t be rushed. Find the time every day to handle your untamed dwarf hamster and train them to love being handled, what you have learn’t in this video. In the early days you will experience some nibbling or biting and this is normal. This is their way of letting you know that they are scared or curious of whats in front of them. Dwarf hamsters are fairly blind and rely on sense of smell. They can see close up but remember your hand will be huge to them and will seem scary. Put your self in their position. You must understand this to success and tame dwarf hamster. Final Thoughts : It should not take long and keep at it. Russian Dwarf Hamster Taming is very easy compared to Syrians hamster (take longer). Patients is a virtue. This is also the same for How to tame a winter white hamster


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